Telephone answering
for barristers

we answer your calls when you can't


 the support you need so you can focus on your next case.

We don't just make things easier for you. We answer for your clerk too.

We understand that for over 12,000 of the UK's barristers who are self-employed, missed calls mean lost business. That means when you miss a call, you risk missing out on business. When you are undertaking advocacy, in conference with a client, or in your office building your next case, you need to be sure that you are not losing out on potential clients as well.


With competition for work increasing for many barristers and direct access giving new meaning to the notion of being self-employed, every enquiry counts. Whether you are public access, or if your most trusted solicitors have your mobile on speed dial, you need to be sure that even when you cannot get to the phone, you won't miss out on any opportunities.


That's where alldayPA Legal come in. We give you the support you need so that even when you are too busy to get to the phone, you won't miss a call.



Get seamless, professional cover so that when you can't get to the phone, there is always someone on-hand to take your calls.


 how you use our service

Create time, save money and never miss a call with alldayPA Legal.

We give you a seamless service, integrating with your existing operations. Either divert all your calls and use us as your full-time personal assistant, answering and transferring all your calls or taking a message when you're busy. Or use us as overflow, answering your calls when your line is engaged, your phone is off or you just can't answer.


Your callers will be greeted by your team of PAs, on-hand to answer your calls 24 hours a day. A personal and professional service, we talk with you about your requirements and work with you to tailor a service to suit you.

We're here for you all year round, so that when you are away on holiday or taking a break you know you won't miss a call



Use our service to stay in touch with your calls, no matter where you are.

No matter where you are in the world, we give you the reassurance that you will never miss a call. Simply divert your calls to alldayPA Legal when you are unavailable or out the country and we keep you open for business so you can work from anywhere and won't miss your next big case.


To find out more about how alldayPA Legal could benefit barristers and barristers' clerks, call us today. Our team of legal specialists will be on-hand to talk you through our packages and work out a plan that's best for you.


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